This brand is the namesake label of Van Hoang founded out of a desire to create high-end and fashionable clothing utilizing ethical practices. This means every step of the process from design, to fabric selection, to production is intentionally thought out with sustainability in mind. We want you to not only feel beautiful and confident in our garments, but also good about your purchase.

Our dream girl is a creative, a dreamer, an activist, a mother, a daughter, a leader. She is an independent and free spirit with a fearless sense of adventure. She has a strong sense of self, big dreams, and conviction to achieve them. She doesn't let barriers stand in her way, she overcomes them and uses them to make her stronger. She views clothing as an extension of herself as well as a form of expression and empowerment. And that's how we want you to feel when you wear our clothing, confident and ready for anything!

We want to be a part of the fashion revolution that is on the horizon. One that is about valuing the maker, process, and lifecycle of the product rather than the number of items that can be bought for a cheap price. As a new company we know there is so much for us to learn and many obstacles to overcome as a small business, but we would love to have you join us on our journey and evolution. We welcome any feedback or suggestions so please feel free to email us, comment, or even snail mail us!  We are so excited and can't wait to meet you!