Van Hoang

Cora Raw Silk Caftan


Product Details:

This caftan dress is a versatile and luxurious style that can be worn a multitude of ways. It is truly effortless to wear, can be worn with the V in the front or the back, with or without a tie around the waist, and functional with pockets. It drapes beautifully and can easily be worn for different events and occasions!

  • 100% Silk 
  • Made to Order

Care: To ensure the quality and color fastness Hand Wash and lay flat to dry or Dry Clean for best results. However, it is also machine washable and can tumble dry on low or not heat. If you machine wash it's best to wash separately the first couple of washes due to the dye. Please note machine washing can cause fading or streaking in the color.

Model is 5'8" and is wearing a Medium.

Sizing guide can be found at the bottom of the size drop down menu.

    Please note: As everything is made-to-order turnaround time is 2-4 weeks before the item ships.

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